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YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok

TripAdvisor named YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok among the top places to visit in Bangkok. Picture this: you’re in a strange country and have been looking for things to do or somewhere to lay your weary head for the night. You manage to salvage some terrible WiFi from a café that is

National Geographic and Wall Street Journal at YOKKAO Camp

There are always special guests being hosted at the YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok, but when the National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal wanted to come along to the world-class facility located in the heart of Bangkok, the sounds of hitting pads and heavy bags rang through. They were filming

Muay Thai UK: Jordan Watson Vs Sorgraw Petchyindee

This gone weekend saw fighters put their bodies on the line at YOKKAO 23 & 24. Two world titles, UK ranking fight and what can only be described as the most exciting female fight of the century. The YOKKAO team delivering a show stopping event yet again to the Muay

YOKKAO Muay Thai UK: Liam Harrison vs Rayan Mekki

The Weigh-ins for YOKKAO 23/24 went down Friday March 24th with no major issues to report. The action will be held inside the MACRON Stadium in Bolton UK, today Saturday March 25th. YOKKAO will be bringing fight fans two events in 1 night. The fights that has the majority of

Two world titles. Two events. One ticket in Bolton. The smell of Thai liniment oil and the sound of pads being smashed while fighters warm up is just one of many experiences while at a show. YOKKAO 23 – 24 will be absolutely no different. YOKKAO are renown for breaking

YOKKAO US Seminar Tour with Saenchai

The first ever YOKKAO USA Seminar Tour with Saenchai started with a massive success on February 3rd in Fontana and continuing in Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis and Chicago. Since 2011, YOKKAO has sucessfully hosted more than 100 sold out Seminars from China to USA

Manachai YOKAKO Saenchai Gym

The Toyota 8 Man Tournament took place yesterday, January 27th, in Phitsanoulok, Thailand in two separate weight catagories: 65 and 70kg. In the 65kg Tournament 4 of the Top gyms in Thailand challenged each other to know who has the best 65kg fighter in Thailand: Manachai representing YOKKAOSaenchaiGym, Saksongkram representing

YOKKAO Muay Thai Fight Team: Manachai

Manachai, the young addition to the YOKKAO Fight Team, has just been confirmed to fight at YOKKAO 24 against the WMC European Champion Stephen Meleady, on Saturday March 25th 2017 at the Macron Stadium in Bolton. The news, launched yesterday on Manachai’s Facebook page, has grabbed quickly the attention of