Yokkao Training Center

Saenchai at YOKKAO 25 - 26 in Hong Kong

Good news for all Muay Thai fans in Hong Kong: YOKKAO 25 and 26 will be held in the vibrant city this September 28th. The even better news? Saenchai is confirmed for a fight at YOKKAO 26 and this will actually be his third time fighting in front of the

Dzhabar Askerov

Askerov is definitely no stranger to YOKKAO or Muay Thai fans. He was one of the first fighters to sign on with the YOKKAO Fight Team in its earliest conception back in 2008. During that period, other notable fighters who signed on with YOKKAO included Saenchai, Sudsakorn and Buakaw. One

Muay Thai Training at YOKKAO Bangkok

For most people who are not familiar with the Thai combat sport, Muay Thai is commonly perceived to be brutal and dangerous. It is hard to dispute this notoriety when bleeding faces, black eyes and body bruises are not uncommon in competitive bouts. This is also why Muay Thai is

Boxing Trainer Barry Robinson

Famous boxing coach and martial arts breakdown specialist, Barry Robinson is in town. Barry is the founder of “A Million Styles Boxing” (AMSB) training system that has been used by professional boxers and UFC fighters. He has been invited by YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok to work with Singdam, Manachai and

Pakorn Sakyothin: Muay Thai Champion

After a brief but missed absence from the ring, Pakorn returned with a bang by clinching the World Muay Thai Council and Phoenix Fighting Championship welterweight titles earlier this April in Beirut. The even better news? He is also officially back training at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok, alongside his YOKKAO

Muay Thai living Legends: Saenchai and Singdam

Muay Thai is the national sport and pride of Thailand and Bangkok is where the best action is at. Every Muay Thai fighter dreams of training in Bangkok and fighting in the famed stadiums like Lumpinee and Rajadamnern. This has led to a collection of the best Muay Thai camps

Amy Pirnie at YOKKAO Bangkok

Amy Pirnie is a force to be reckoned with. Featuring on the YOKKAO stage with three consecutive wins, Amy showed exactly what it takes to be the toughest name in UK Muay Thai. Pirnie’s is a name that has been ringing through the Muay Thai community for some time now. After defeating Dakota

YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok

TripAdvisor named YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok among the top places to visit in Bangkok. Picture this: you’re in a strange country and have been looking for things to do or somewhere to lay your weary head for the night. You manage to salvage some terrible WiFi from a café that is