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Kicking pads are a vital piece of equipment for Muay Thai training sessions.
Muay Thai teachers regularly train their students with pad sessions ranging from 3 to 5 minutes.

For this reason, all Yokkao kicking pads are hand-made with genuine leather to create the highest quality products and offer maximum stability while training.Training with high quality equipment makes all the difference.

Yokkao - Born To Fight

Kicking Pads - code KYPL

Yokkao kicking pads are essential for proper Muay Thai training.
Kicks, nudges, knee strikes and punches are constantly in contact with the pads surface and that is
why Yokkao uses only high quality leather, essential to prevent bruises or injuries to the athlete.
Yokkao kicking pads have been produced in collaboration with the coaches from Sityodtong Muay
Thai camp in Pattaya and the 13 Coins camp in Bangkok.Thanks to their advice, Yokkao has impro-
ved its production standards to create a range of high quality pads, able to support even the most
intense workouts.

Main features:

  • best item approved Sityodtong Camp' staff
  • perfect for striking drills including elbows, knees, punches and kicks
  • 100% high quality cow skin leather
  • hand made from authentic Thai manufacturer
  • flip-lock velcro closure

Kicking Pads Pro - code KYNPL

YOKKAO Prokicking pad
Green army kicking pad

Recommented use:

muay thai, thai boxing,K-1, and mma training

Size available:

S to XL

Type of closure:


Colour available: