Yokkao Boxing announces his first event named "Yokkao Extreme" that will be launched in Milan (Italy) on 21st January 2012.
Folllowing the success of our sponsored fighters, we will realize a big event in Italy in collaboration with Mrs. Stefania Picelli (aka Stefania Muay Thai Combat), official distributor of Yokkao Boxing in Europe and chief executive of Muay Thai Combat, one of the largest supplier of muay thai and mma gear in Europe.
Yokkao Extreme fightcard will include as main event Buakaw Por Pramuk vs Dzhabar Askerov that will be done in Italy exclusivly for Yokkao Boxing.
This means that Buakaw Por Pramuk vs Dzhabar Askerov will be not held in Los Angeles or in another part of the world before Yokkao Extreme 2012.

It has been a great success!

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  • Yokkao Extreme 2012

    Yokkao Extreme 2012 has been a great success: all teh best Muay Thai and K-1 fighters in the world such as Buakaw Por. Pramuk, Dzhabar Askerov, Saenchai Sinbi Muay Thai, Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee and many others participate at Yokkao Extreme 2012.

  • Y

    Muay Thai Combat is organizing a seminar that will be held in Italy with Yokkao sponsored fighter Buakaw Por. Pramuk. The two-day seminars will be one in Milan and one in the Republic of San Marino, head quarters of Muay Thai Combat. It's the first time that Buakaw comes to Europe for a seminar. It will be an amazing time for all Muay Thai lovers. This is just the beginning of a long tour ...

  • Contender Asia 2

    A very interesting year for all Yokkao fight team: Jordan Watson, Antoine Pinto and Cedric Muller has been chosen to participate to the next serie of Contender Asia 2 - The Challenger. We will see them on TV very soon.

  • Muay thai Combat Fan Expo

    May 2011 was marked by an event of enormous importance: Muay Thai Combat Fan Expo, four-days of real and pure Muay Thai with all Yokkao fight team. Over than 5,000 people visited the Expo and some of them got the opportunity to train with the best Muay Thai fighters, took photographs and autographs with them. The first real Muay Thai Expo in the world.

  • It's Showtime

    Yokkao Boxing is present in every important Muay Thai and K-1 event. In It's Showtime Lyon 2011 Cedric Muller, Yokkao sponsored fighter, fights vs Aydin Tuncay and won for decision. Another great success for Yokkao fight team.

  • Thai Fight Extreme

    Here was the first stage of Thai Fight Extreme 2011: two of sponsored Yokkao fighters were engaged in this tournament. Sudsakorn Sor. Klinmee vs Abdallah Mabel: Sudsakorn won for decision. Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs Djime Coulibaly: Buakaw won for decision. A great show for two great Yokkao fighters.

  • event

    Neptune Stadium, in Cord City, Ireland, two Yokkao sponsored fighters faced each other on the 16th April 2011 for the ISKA World Super-Welterweight title 69.9kg. Jordan Watson won vs Cedric Muller.

  • Dzhabar Askerov

    Dzhabar Askerov, Yokkao sponsored fighter, get into the TafNet Arena World Cup in Kazan - Russia. He won vs Martin Anwar fot a TKO at the 1/4 final with. This is Yokkao Fight Team.

  • Fight Code

    Fight Code Budapest , that was held the 1st May 2011, was sponsored by Yokkao Boxing. All the fighters used Yokkao Boxing gloves during the matches. Also Hungary could had the opportunity to test the great quality of Yokkao Muay Thai Gear and equipment. A great success on all fronts.

  • Duel at the Dome

    Yokkao Boxing follows all its sponsored fighter. On the 9th April 2011, in England, it was held Saenchai Sinbi Muay Thai vs Liam Harrison 2. A great opportunity to see two Yokkao sponsored fighters faced each other in a muay thai full rules match. A great audience for Liam Harrison, English fighter, but also for Saenchai, Thai fighter, a legend in the Muay Thai world. Duel at The Dome is Yokkao Boxing - Born To Fight

  • Oktagon

    Yokkao Boxing, in collaboration with Muay Thai Combat, surprised whole Oktagon Italian' audience on the 12th March 2011. Two of its sponsored fighters, Dzhabar Askerov and Sudsakorn Sor. Klinmee, has been chosen to fight in Fight Code tournament that was held in Milan during Oktagon. The whole event was marked by the presence of Yokkao Boxing: from the t-shirts worn by the sponsored fighters and considered the symbol of the event to the Yokkao thai boxing shorts worn by all the best fighters chosen for Oktagon. Oktagon - Fight Code Milan was an event sponsored by Yokkao Boxing - Born To Fight.