• Yokkao Boxing is "Born To Fight".
    The company was born in 2008 starting with the production of Thai boxing shorts. It gained immediately success, thanks to innovative design and the use of high-quality material.
    The Yokkao brand quickly became a reference point for all Thai boxers in Thailand. From that moment on Yokkao had only one goal, to produce the best Muay Thai equipment ever. From 2008 to 2011, thanks to investment made by R&S, Yokkao travelled to the best Thai camps in the world such as Sityodong and 13 Coins with the purpose of creating and testing its own products, along with the help of expert Muay Thai teachers and their fighters. All these professional fighters have tested the high quality of Yokkao bags, pads, gloves and belts, because Yokkao wanted its
  • equipment to be perfect, not just to the naked eye, but also during its use
    .Yokkao Boxing’s strength is its great passion for the Muay Thai discipline. Its staff is made up of a team of ex-fighters and is able to create the best in quality and aesthetics, improving the design of equipment over many years of testing, and creating what has always been requested by Muay Thai masters for their nak muay’s training.
    There is a saying in Thailand that you must work-out like a Thai in order to fight like a Thai, Yokkao believe a fighter also needs genuine Thai equipment to reach that goal. Yokkao Boxing is the perfect choice, because it is Born To Fight.