YOKKAO Games: time limit extended until May 2016 for submitting your Workout!

Due to popular demand by fans, the first year of YOKKAO Games will not have a time limit for competitors to submit their Workout videos for validification. The modified rule will allow competitors to upload their 4 YOKKAO Workouts until May 2016. YOKKAO 13.5 released on May 13th has in first position Ahmad Ibrahim from […]

YOKKAO Games: Hong Kong vs Sydney on the 6th of June!

The Games are on: ATMA YOKKAO Training Center Hong Kong set to challenge SRG YOKKAO Training Center in Sydney this coming Saturday, June 6 for the YOKKAO Games. Following the significant results recorded in the UK and US, we now turn to Hong Kong and Australia. Each gym seems to be over confident that their […]

YOKKAO Games gets first record in the US with 417 kicks!

Friday 29th and Saturday 30th of May after the YOKKAO Seminar with Saenchai and Manop, the YOKKAO Games took place in Philadelphia at Rami Elite Gym. The results left everyone stunned, Saenchai the same: 15 yrs old Elias Melendez from Puerto Rico Scored 285 kicks, Daniel Champa from Korea, 314 kicks while Ahmad Ibrahim from Palestine […]

Welcome to YOKKAO GAMES: Challenge Yourself and Win $!

For a few months now, a rumor began of a new promotion by YOKKAO Boxing enabling it to generate what will become the strongest great community to the world of Muay Thai. Today it is Official: Shortly announcing the first date of the YOKKAO GAMES.