The YOKKAO GAMES are the latest innovative promotion by YOKKAO Boxing that will push athletes, fans and martial artists beyond their limits through training programs which will be known as YOKKAO Workouts, designed by famous Muay Thai and functional training coaches.

YOKKAO Workouts

YOKKAO Workouts will be made up of a range of strength and conditioning training combined with Muay Thai. They will be based on developing the 10 General Physical Skills (GPS) for optimizing physical competence during Muay Thai fights:

  •  – cardiovascular endurance
  •  – stamina
  •  – strength
  •  – flexibility
  •  – power
  •  – speed
  •  – coordination
  •  – agility
  •  – balance
  •  – accuracy



YOKKAO games will be held once every year over the course of 4 months. During these months, fighters and athletes from YOKKAO Training Centers and Gyms from round the world will be given the chance to enter into the biggest Muay Thai workout competition of the world.

YOKKAO Workouts will be released this year on 13th May, 12th June, January 2016 and May 2016 with competitors having until end of May 2016 to submit their scores.


ALL ATHLETES FROM AROUND THE WORLD will have the possibility to join the YOKKAO Games.


No weight categories, only two divisions: Male and Female.


Athlete performances will be validated at:
1) Official YOKKAO Training Centers
All YOKKAO Training Centers will have the possibility to host the YOKKAO Games and forward us the recorded score of their athletes
2) YOKKAO Affiliate Gyms
An affiliate YOKKAO Gym is a Gym that promoted at least 1 YOKKAO Seminar. These gyms will be listed at games.yokkao.com and will have the right to judge all the athletes participating in their Gym for the YOKKAO Games.
3) Other Training Locations
In every gym or garage by uploading their YOKKAO Workout Training Videos to Youtube and sending the video link to games@yokkao.com for validation by our staff.

*Anyone who is at least 14 years old can sign up and join the YOKKAO Games.


Scoring will be outlined by each workout with lists of all the rankings by both name and nationality available at: Games.Yokkao.com

Each Gym can register a Team of 3 Athletes who will be scored by the sum of each athlete’s performance. The total points gained in the four workout sessions by the team will determine the winning Gym.
Team of the Season.
The Team can be a mix of both male and females athletes with a maximum of 1 female athlete per Team.


In the first season the Male overall winner will receive a 2,000 USD cash prize, the Female overall winner will receive a YOKKAO Kit made of 1 pair of YOKKAO Shorts, 1 pair of YOKKAO Gloves, 1 pair of handwraps, 1 pair of YOKKAO Shin Guards and 1 YOKKAO T-shirt.
In the first season the Gym Team winner will get 2 Yokkao Heavy Bags, 2 Pairs of YOKKAO Kicking Pads, 3 Pairs of YOKKAO Gloves and 15 pairs of YOKKAO Muay Thai Shorts.