Ahmad Ibrahim USA flag 88+87+88+74+80(417) 417
Alice Allan 50+45+47+43+2(187) 187
Billy Lam Hong Kong flag 60+65+60+64+37(286) 286
Peter Blackwood UK flag 64+55+59+70 (248) 248
Callun Galloway UK flag 64+65+66+53 (224) 224
Charlotte Lee 77+70+65+70(282) 282
Chloe Cheng 60+60+55+53+40(268) 268
Chris Harding 46+41+37+40+24(188) 188
Daniel Champa USA flag 66+63+60+63+62(314) 314
David Marsh UK flag 51+59+48+53+52(263) 263
Dean Bottle 52+51+50+47+50(250) 250
Eden Cole 50+50+46+47+54(247) 247
Elias Melendez USA flag 58+63+60+59+45(285) 285
Eric Lui Hong Kong flag 69+70+65+66+58(298) 298
Ethan Borg 49+44+51+45+24(213) 213
Liam Harrison UK flag 55+51+37+38(181) 181
Ian Houillebecq UK flag 62+63+53+50+38 (266) 266
Jessica Chouy USA flag 188 188
Jessica Neville 65+60+55+50+56(286) 286
Joe Craven UK flag 61+69+58+70(258) 258
Julian Yewn Hong Kong flag 65+60+60+60+16(261) 261
Szabi Kotek Hungary flag 55+54+52+52 (212) 212
Lee Crowe 50+55+60+67+63(295) 295
Lucas Lilja UK flag 50+47+45+45+49 (236) 236
Lop Maw Lam Hong Kong flag 72+60+60+60(252) 252
Micheal Mittun UK flag 62+43+50 (155) 155
Osker Rodriewicz UK flag 60+51+50+51(212) 212
Pamela Ablang 40+55+50+50(195) 195
Richard Smith 49+47+35+25(156) 156
Robert Ng Hong Kong flag 67+58+55+56(236) 236
Sarah Hatch 50+55+55+43+39(242) 242
Seth Brown 46+50+51+41+44(232) 232
Shangkaara Govindasamy 68+63+60+72+70(333) 333
Simon Chen 60+53+62+53(228) 228
Conor Smith 64+50+45+49 (208) 208
Vicki Kourtis 47+35+37+43+51(213) 213
Wai Tak Wong Hong Kong flag 53+58+59+59+61(290) 290
Whig Hang Poon 60+63+58+55(236) 236
Wing Wong 46+48+50(144) 144

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YOKKAO Games: time limit extended until May 2016 for submitting your Workout!

Due to popular demand by fans, the first year of YOKKAO Games will not have a time limit for competitors to submit their Workout videos for validification. The modified rule will allow competitors to upload their 4 YOKKAO Workouts until May 2016. YOKKAO 13.5 released on May 13th has in first position Ahmad Ibrahim from […]

YOKKAO Games: Hong Kong vs Sydney on the 6th of June!

The Games are on: ATMA YOKKAO Training Center Hong Kong set to challenge SRG YOKKAO Training Center in Sydney this coming Saturday, June 6 for the YOKKAO Games. Following the significant results recorded in the UK and US, we now turn to Hong Kong and Australia. Each gym seems to be over confident that their […]

YOKKAO Games gets first record in the US with 417 kicks!

Friday 29th and Saturday 30th of May after the YOKKAO Seminar with Saenchai and Manop, the YOKKAO Games took place in Philadelphia at Rami Elite Gym. The results left everyone stunned, Saenchai the same: 15 yrs old Elias Melendez from Puerto Rico Scored 285 kicks, Daniel Champa from Korea, 314 kicks while Ahmad Ibrahim from Palestine […]

The first YOKKAO Workout named YOKKAO 13.5 is:

  • 15 Burpees
  • 100x Skipping Rope (Every Rope is Allowed)
  • 10 Sit-Ups (Crunches)
  • 40 Seconds Kicking Pads

Every kick is scored as 1 point. The first second of the 40 seconds begins as soon as the first kick hits the pads.

REPEAT the YOKKAO Workout Non-Stop for 12 Minutes.

SCORE is dictated by the sum total Number of Kicks you will do hitting the kicking pads.

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Any Jump Rope, 1 Pair of Kicking Pads, 1 Trainer to hold pads, 1 Trainer to record time. We highly recommend the use of 2 chronometers (1 to record the total time cap of 12 minutes and another for the 40 second intervals on the kicking pads).

Next YOKKAO Workouts will be released on June 12th, be prepared!

The second YOKKAO Workout named YOKKAO 12.6 is:

10 x 6 meters Shuttle Runs
100x Skipping Rope
15 x Full Push-Up* + 1-2 Punch Combo (Left Jab + Straight Right)

10 x 6 meters Shuttle Runs
100x Skipping Rope
15 x Full Push-Up* + 1-2 Punch Combo (Left Hook + Right Hook)

10 x 6 meters Shuttle Runs
100x Skipping Rope
15 x Full Push-Up* + 1-2 Punch Combo (Left Uppercut + Right Uppercut)

SCORE is the Time! Complete your workout as fast as you can!

SCORE is dictated by the total time you will need to complete the entire YOKKAO Workout.

* IMPORTANT EXECUTION NOTE: Push Up + Punch Combos are executed in the following way:
Full Push-Ups chest touches the ground on bottom and elbows must lock out at top. Competitor must completely stand upright and hit the focus mitts, one time with the left punch technique requested and another time with the right punch technique (in case of southpaw, athlete is allowed to switch left to right punch technique and right to left punch technique).

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Any Jump Rope, 1 Pair of Focus Mitts, 1 Trainer to hold Focus Mitts, 1 Trainer to Record Time.

First to finish, fastest time wins. Go beyond your limit, these are the YOKKAO Games!


10 x 6 meters Shuttle Runs

YOKKAO Games: YOKKAO Workout 12.6 correct execution by Saenchai and Pakorn

YOKKAO Workout 12.6: Full Push-ups + 1-2 Punch Combo (left jab + right straight)

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